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Something mysterious happens around midnight in McGowans – we refer to it as the After Dark hour. The serious work of enjoying yourself kicks in as the atmosphere intensifies. The music is knocked up a notch, the dance floor is buzzing and there is serious fun to be had.

Afterdark in McGowans Phibsboro

You will be knocked out with the luxury red velvet seating and the corner podiums along with our extensively lit cocktail bar. The dance area  is well illuminated with standing and seating areas and accomodates a large crowd.

In the corner podiums you can show off your latest move illuminated by coloured uplighters and lasers.

Have no doubt that you’ll find plenty to please on our extensive Cocktail Menu from a “Schooby Schmacker” to “Sex on the Beach”. Maybe you’ve already got a favorite, which we’ll be happy to whip up; perhaps you’re up for trying our special new additions like “Hill 16” and “Hot Fuzz” or maybe you’re just adventurous enough to ask one of our stunningly expert staff for a complete surprise!

Girl in McGowans nightclub

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